The Pinceone Examines the Pros and Cons of Calling in the Army to Dig Toronto out of the Ice Storm

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Con: We could really do it ourselves Pro: Shoveling snow is a serious pain in the ass
Con: The rest of Canada will laugh at us. Pro: Since when has Toronto given a flying f#@$ what the rest of Canada thinks?
Con: Exorbitant cost of using high-tech military equipment to perform mundane tasks. Pro: Clearing snow-banks with a rocket launcher would be freaking epic!
Con: What if a war breaks out? Pro: Military equally capable of surrendering from all parts of country.
Con: Possibility of someone getting shot by accident. Pro: It might be Margaret Wente.
Con: Traffic bad enough already without tanks everywhere. Pro: Maybe if we ask nicely they’ll let us ride in one and pretend that we’re steering it.
Con: Creeping expansion of military industrial complex part of Illuminati’s plan for global domination. Pro: Tinfoil hats will protect us from their mind-control rays.
Con: The Canadian Forces have more important things to do with their time than shovel our snow and salt our driveways. Pro: The actually don’t.


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