Breaking: Syria Named Worst Vacation Spot of 2016

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82% of respondents complained about a lack of street signs

A new study by The Pinecone’s bureau of international travel has ranked the war-torn nation of Syria as the world’s worst holiday destination, narrowly beating out Iraq, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and Hamilton. Here are the details.

The Pincone surveyed 1,218 vacationers about their experience in Syria. The main complaints are as follows:

  1. Poor exchange rate.
  2. Shortage of affordable hotels.
  3. Power outlets incompatible with North American plugs.
  4. Lack of English-speaking service personnel.
  5. Lack of French-speaking service personnel.
  6. Impossible to get a cab.
  7. Local food too spicy.
  8. Nothing open after 10.
  9. Heavy rush-hour traffic.
  10. Not enough golf courses.
syria tourists

These people were killed.

Additionally, 35% of respondents reported having to wait an hour or more to pick up their baggage at the Damascus Airport, 43% found the lineups at the National Museum unreasonably long, and nearly half were dissatisfied with the range of activities available to tourists.

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