Mexican president denies Trump’s claim that he agreed to pay for his new swimming pool

Trump Hot Tub

Donald Trump, explaining his ‘blueprint’ for U.S.-Mexico relations

MEXICO CITY: Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto riled U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump this week when he live-tweeted vehement denials of Trump’s claim that, during their recent meeting, he had agreed to pay for a luxury swimming pool and hot tub which Trump plans to have installed in the White House grounds if he is elected in November.

“During the meeting with Mr. Trump I stated repeatedly that the government of Mexico will not be paying for any new swimming pools in the White House” Nieto tweeted during a live-broadcast speech in which Trump called the meeting “highly productive,” and suggested that Mexican funding for the pool had been discussed. “You know, I really can’t say enough about Enrique Nieto. I can’t.” Trump told enthusiastic supporters at an outdoor rally “He was polite. He was respectful. He said he’d pay for my pool.”

When confronted with Nieto’s repudiation of his claim, Trump refused to budge on the issue – even going so far as to up the ante by insisting that Mexico would also pay for a lighted-rail air hockey table which he plans to have installed in the White House rec room. “Believe me – they’re paying for the table.” Trump quipped when asked by a reporter (who was later ejected from the rally and beaten to death by the crowd) exactly how he was going to make the Mexican government pay for expensive additions to the White House’s amenities. “They don’t know it yet, but they’re paying for all sorts of crap” he continued, opining that he “could really use one of those Segway-things” to help him “…get around the long hallways that they have in the White House” and “maybe a tanning-bed or three” to raucous applause.

As of news time, the Mexican foreign ministry had released an official memo re-iterating President Nieto’s account of the meeting, while the Trump campaign had put out a statement slamming Nieto for the timing of his tweets, and vowing that Mexico would also pay Trump’s phone and internet bills.

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